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William A. Walton's Vision, Mission, and Beliefs were created by the administration and faculty; they were developed with the Prince George County Mission in mind. The Vision, Mission, and Beliefs have been communicated to all stakeholders.

Our Vision: William A. Walton Elementary School promotes teamwork to provide a quality education for all.

Our Mission: William A. Walton parents, teachers, students, staff and community will work together to provide a safe and caring environment in which students of diverse perspectives are prepared for leadership and service in an international society.

Our Beliefs:
We believe each student is an individual with distinctive needs and abilities.
We believe that there should be a continuous line of open communication between administration, staff, parents, and students.
We believe that parents play a major role in the student's learning.
We believe that best teaching practices involve many different types of instructional approaches.
We believe that students should be actively engaged in learning.
We believe that continuous school improvement is important.



Current News:
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Your child will learn how to follow rules, basic writing, and math skills.

1st Grade
Longer school days and homework assignments fine tune what your child learned in kindergarten.
2nd Grade
Your child will learn complex sentences, addition and subtraction.
3rd Grade
Your child can expect nightly homework, and will learn how to multiply numbers and write paragraphs.
4th Grade
Long term projects, computers, and calculators are introduced.
5th Grade
Your child will increase his vocabulary, and learn fractions and decimals.

Principal: Sharon Kushma
Assistant Principal: Stephanie Bailey


Office: 804-733-2750
Fax: 804-732-1592