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Barbara Bolling - VA Studies
Carrie Woodlief - Lanuguage Arts
Whitney Steele - Math
April Kear - Science

Fifth Grade is a Fantastic Year!

Our curriculum is S.O.L. aligned and rigorous, but we have fun while learning each day. Students get the opportunity to have all four of our fantastic fifth grade teachers! Each teacher teaches their strongest subject allowing for students to get the best quality instruction in the areas of math, science, language arts, and Virginia studies. Switching classes daily keeps the day moving and is great practice for middle school!

Math in the fifth grade is rigorous, but the students get excited to learn new concepts and build on existing ones. We work on the order of operations, computing and ordering decimals and fractions, Geometry, and real world problem solving to name a few. All concepts and problem solving strategies are taught, practiced and applied.

Language Arts class focuses on reading, grammar, spelling and writing. We practice reading and comprehending longer, high interest, novels. While we are engaged in reading, we are expanding vocabulary, increasing fluency and comprehension. Time is spent on writing longer passages about various topics including poetry, fiction and even a research project!

Fifth grade science is a vocabulary-rich experience filled with lessons on light and sound, oceans' depths and Earth's surface, matter, and cells. We are also responsible for SOL testing on both 4th and 5th grade science standards.

Virginia Studies students are learning the story of Virginia. Through its geography, history, civics and economics, students experience the making of our country, America.

By the end of the academic year, fifth graders are well prepared for the challenges and excitement of middle school. With our great fifth grade team of teachers, we know everyone will enjoy the year as much as we do.


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