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Title 1
The Title 1 program is designed to provide financial assistance to schools so they can improve teaching and learning. Services are provided to those students identified as failing or most at risk of failing to meet Virginia's challenging Standards of Learning (SOL). North's Title1 specialist is Ms. Emily Underwood and Ms. Sue Harris and the District Title 1 Parent Coordinator is Ms. Debi McBride. Ms. McBride can be reached at dmcbride@pgs.k12.va.us. Title 1 Parent Involvement.

Phonological Awareness Literacy Screening is a state provided screening tool for Virginia's Early Intervention Reading Initiative. PALs consists of two screening instruments, PALs K and PALs 1-3, which measure a child's knowledge of important literacy fundamentals, including phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, knowledge of letter sounds, spelling, concept of word, word recognition in isolation, and oral passage reading. The major purpose of PALs is to identify those students who are below grade-level expectations in these areas and may be in need of additional reading instruction. This additional reading instruction is provided by PALs tutors who come to North. The District PALs Director is Ms. Brenda Gore, and can be reached at (w) 804-733-2700.

The Program for Artistically Advanced Students, in partnership with the community, provides experiences that challenge the artistic student. The artistic student is gifted in vocal music, in the visual arts, or in theater. The program assists identified students in reaching their unique potential. It includes challenges and experiences in conceptual thinking and problem solving, in the development of a keen awareness of the arts and a universal expression of humanity, and one that prompts each student to explore and take artistic risks that lead to improved technical skills, self-awareness, creativity, and productivity. The North PAAS teachers are Ms. Peachie Johnson and Ms. Pam Correll. The PAAS Co-Coordinator is Ms. K. Wasilewski and the PAAS Director is Mr. James Scruggs. Mr. Scruggs can be reached at
(w) 804-733-2700.

The gifted program is available at North for all grade levels. Referrals for the program can be made by teachers, parents, students, and other community members who feel that a child may need gifted services. Numerous criteria such as ability testing, achievement testing, characteristic checklists, grades, classroom products and honors are used to identify students. There are four (4) programs available at North:

PACE (Program of Advanced and Creative Experiences) targets students who are generally intellectually gifted.
SAGE (Specific Academic Gifted Experience) targets students who are gifted in one or more academic areas.
SOAR (Studies of Advanced Reasoning) is designed to meet the needs of students whose outstanding performance in the classroom indicates their need for differentiated instruction.
KSOAR (Kindergarten Studies of Advanced Reasoning) is designed for kindergarten students who demonstrate advanced learning and some or all of the characteristics of giftedness.

North's gifted teacher is Ms. Kathy Hayes. The Director of the Gifted Programs is Mr. Willie Elliott and can be reached at (w) 804-733-2700.

Math Intervention
Mathematics is an integral part of a child’s education. If students do not grasp the concepts early, the struggles can be great later. In this new program, Math Intervention, I may see a child throughout the year on each Math concept, for one week or so dealing with a certain skill, or possibly never, totally depending on the child, previous SOL / SOLAR data, classroom teacher recommendations, and needs among classmates. During small group sessions, I reinforce what topic is being covered in the classroom and we practice week areas from Math concepts previously studied this year. Our Math Interventionist is Ms. Patricia Johnson.

The Preschool Program is designed for at-risk four year olds residing within Prince George County. Children are selected for this program on the basis of family need according to state guidelines. The goal of the program is to provide a healthy learning environment that addresses the needs of preschool children whose social or economic conditions place them at risk of poor school performance. North's preschool teacher is Ms. Whitney Robbins and the Preschool Director is Mr. James Scruggs. Mr. Scruggs can be reached at (w) 804-733-2700.


This is the before and after school program that is on-site and convenient for busy parents. They strive to develop the unique champion within each child by providing opportunities for achievement and success. The registration and tuition rates are available in the office. The hours are 7:00 AM-6:00 PM. Questions about this program can be answered at 861-5687 or by mail at: Champions; 6700 Courthouse Road; Prince George, VA 23875;



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Your child will learn how to follow rules, basic writing, and math skills.

1st Grade

Longer school days and homework assignments fine tune what your child learned in kindergarten.

2nd Grade

Your child will learn complex sentences, addition and subtraction.

3rd Grade

Your child can expect nightly homework, and will learn how to multiply numbers and write paragraphs.

4th Grade

Long term projects, computers, and calculators are introduced.

Your child will increase his vocabulary, and learn fractions and decimals.

Principal: Donna Branch-Harris
Assistant Principal: Christine Franchok


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