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North Elementary Recycling Team

The North Elementary Recycling Team is composed of a group of 20 students which make up four teams.

These students arrive at school five minutes before the other children and are responsible for collecting all of the paper used in our building. Each quarter the team collects over 10,000 pounds of paper which is turned into newsprint instead of going to a landfill.

This project also helps raise a small amount of money for our school which goes toward the beautification of our building and other student projects. In return for their nine weeks of hard work, these students receive rewards for their hard work. The North Elementary Recycling Team will be pictured in the yearbook.



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Your child will learn how to follow rules, basic writing, and math skills.

1st Grade

Longer school days and homework assignments fine tune what your child learned in kindergarten.

2nd Grade

Your child will learn complex sentences, addition and subtraction.

3rd Grade

Your child can expect nightly homework, and will learn how to multiply numbers and write paragraphs.

4th Grade

Long term projects, computers, and calculators are introduced.

Your child will increase his vocabulary, and learn fractions and decimals.

Principal: Donna Branch-Harris
Assistant Principal: Christine Franchok


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