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Fifth Grade is a Fantastic Year!

Our curriculum is S.O.L. aligned and rigorous, but we have fun while learning each day. We have five teachers on our team. Each teacher is highly qualified in the areas of math, science, language arts, and social studies. Students also attend one resource class each day in physical education, art, music, or in the media center.

As fifth graders, students are given extra responsibilities throughout the school. Our students are leaders in the form of Morning Announcers, Choir members and much more!

The fifth grade classes enjoy special activities as well. In the spring, students attend a celebration as they say "goodbye" to North. By the end of the academic year, each child is well prepared for the challenge and excitement of middle school. We know your child will enjoy his or her year in fifth grade as much as we do.



Bookbag (no rolling bags)
Three Ring Binder - 2 inch (No plastic rings)
1 Package of Notebook Subject Dividers (8 tab package)
2 Pocket Folders (simple, low cost folders-label with names)
Large Soft Zippered Pencil Holder (no plastic boxes, they will be sent back home)
5 Single Subject Spiral Notebook
1 Three Subject Spiral Notebook
Loose Leaf Notebook Paper (3 packs or more)
Supply of #2 pencils (50 or more)
Glue sticks (20 or more)
Colored Pencils (4 packs or more)
2 Highlighters
Large Eraser or Cap Erasers
2 boxes of tissues
Pencil Sharpener with cap (2 or more since they don't last long)
Bring to school $1.00 for Communication Folder
3 Large Boxes of Tissues
1 Bottle of Hand Sanitizer ( not little bottles)
1 Box Clorox Wipes
BOYS: Index Cards
GIRLS: Sealable sandwich bags
Clorox Wipes (optional but would be very beneficial)
GIRLS: Sealable sandwich bags

To Keep at Home (if these items come to school, they will be confiscated):

Metric/Standard ruler
Four function calculator