7th Grade Supply List

Math Tips from the Experts: The Students Themselves

Welcome. The 7th grade here at J. E. J. Moore Middle School is designed to continue the transition from Elementary School to Jr. High and beyond. The students are divided among 5 teams. Each team is composed of four cooperating teachers: One Science, one Social Studies, one English, and one Math. The students will move among these four teachers throughout the day, leaving to attend the Physical Education and Exploratory programs.

Wildfires Hurricanes
Mrs. Labbate - English Mrs. Crites - Math
Mrs. Keeler - Social Studies Mr. Darby - Social Studies
Ms. Dickerson - Math Ms. Hays - Science
Mrs. Miller - Science Mrs. White - English
Mrs. Gibbs - Resource Mrs. Gibbs - Collaboration
Mrs. Vance - Collaboration Miss Rowe - Resource
Ms. Cummings - Resource

Tornadoes Tidal Waves
Mrs. T. York- English Ms. Feldman - Science
Mrs. Wright - Math Ms. Hancock - English
Mrs. P. Ford - Science Mr. S. York - Math
Mr. Sebera - Social Studies Mrs. M. Massey - Social Studies
Mrs. Wooden - Collaboration Mrs. Wooden - Collaboration

Mrs. Neglia - Social Studies
Mrs. Duncan - Science
Ms. Wilson - English
Ms. Stewart - Math
Mrs. Gibbs - Resource
Ms. Von Borstel - Collaboration
Ms. Cummings - Collaboration
Mrs. Vance - Collaboration