The purposes of the PTO are to enhance and support the educational experience, to develop a closer connection between the school and home by encouraging parental involvement, and to improve the school environment through volunteer and financial support.


President – Sarah Thacker

Vice-President – Tracy Brunner

Treasurer – Cindy Leonard

Secretary – Debbie Robinson

Volunteer Coordinator – Linda Allen

Communications Coordinator – Carol Woodward

6th Grade Parent Representatives – Jennifer Davis and Jennifer Greenwell

7th Grade Parent Representatives – Altamarie Woods

If you would like to volunteer or become a part of the J.E.J. Moore PTO, please use this form. Membership Form

If you would like to order “School Spirit” merchandise with the J.E.J. Moore logo, please use this form. Order Form

Photos of the various items can be found in this merchandise flyer. Merchandise Choices

Throughout the school year, the J.E.J. Moore PTO has partnered with local businesses to create Family Fun Nights to help raise money for our school. Please join us for an evening of food and fun! THANK YOU for supporting PTO at these fundraisers!