Health and Physical Education

The purpose of health education is to help students acquire an understanding of health concepts and skills and to apply them in making healthy decisions to improve, sustain and promote personal, family, and community health.

The purpose of Physical Education is to help students acquire the knowledge, processes, and skills needed to engage in meaningful physical activity both in the present and for a lifetime. The process of participating regularly in a physical active life style will lead to personal enjoyment, challenge, satisfaction, and a health-enhancing level of personal fitness.

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Physical Education Policies

The State of Virginia requires Health and Physical Education as a basic part of the school curriculum. The following list covers those points that are significant to you and your child for this school year.

Dressing Out: Dressing out means that the students must change from the clothes they wore to school into appropriate physical education attire. We strongly encourage that students purchase a PE uniform, which includes a gray T-shirt and green mesh shorts. The entire uniform will be sold for $15.00. If a uniform is not purchased, students must wear a gray T-shirt and green shorts. All physical education attire must meet school dress code policies. (Cheerleading shorts are not acceptable). After careful consideration, the PG School System adopted the use of this uniform for all Physical Education students from the middle school level to the high school level. The uniform was adopted for safety reasons such as being able to distinguish our students from others.

Grading: Students will receive a grade based on physically participating in physical education, dressing out, and written tests. If behavior interferes with participation, points will be deducted. All students begin each 9 weeks with 100 participation points (50 points for interim). Grading adjustments for participation in physical education are as follows:

Those students without proper clothing and/or shoes may be required to participate in an alternate activity and will lose participation points. We recommend students bring their uniforms home every Friday to wash. A partial uniform will be considered as "not dressed out". Students are not allowed to write graffiti on their uniform. Only their name should be printed in the provided area. If they are defaced, students will have to buy another one. ALL SHIRTS ARE TO BE TUCKED INSIDE SHORTS.

Injuries/Illness: We do realize there are times when an illness or injury may restrict active participation in physical education. On those special occasions when you feel your child should not participate, please send a signed note with a daytime phone number where you can be reached if we have questions. This note is only good for one day. All students with excused notes will still be required to dress out. Beyond two days of notes, a doctor’s note will be required to excuse a child from participating. Students excused from participation by a doctor will be given an alternate assignment, as we cannot grade an injured student on their active participation in physical activity. This is not meant as a punishment. Students will be permitted to return to activity when the doctor releases them or the note has expired.

Accidents: An accident or injury must be reported during the same class period it occurs. The teacher will fill out an accident report for insurance purposes at this time. If a child needs to go to the clinic, they need to ask their PE teacher (not their next period teacher).

Fees: Students will be issued master locks by the school. The price to rent a lock is $2.00. If a student loses or damages the lock, the replacement fee is $5.00. Students are not permitted to use locks from home. The cost of the uniform is $15.00 for the shirt and shorts.

Locker Room Policies:

Tardy Policy for the locker room:

Policy for Not Dressing for PE:

Medical Conditions/Medication:

Please insure that you complete all health forms. It is very important that the staff be informed of ANY and ALL medical conditions, which your child has that may prevent him/her from participating in physical activities. If a student has asthma, please provide the school with an inhaler if needed "before" an activity or "as needed". Students who need an inhaler before physical activity MUST take the inhaler prior to coming to PE. Students who take medication must have the parent bring it to the clinic as outlined by school policy.