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Green Team

We at Harrison are all about going green! We have had a green team in place now for 5 years. It is composed of 24 students broken into teams of 4. Members are chosen by their teachers in 3rd and 4th grades. Students are chosen who show the characteristics of being responsible and respectful.

Each week a different team collects the bins with the paper that the teachers have recycled throughout the week. Instead of having the paper go into landfills, we have partnered with SP Recycling Corporation out of Richmond to come and collect the paper. In return, we get a small amount of money that is used for various activities in the school. The students are rewarded with celebrations throughout the year for their hard work.

Our custodians have noted at how much less trash we have now. This is a wonderful way to help the environment and teach the importance of recycling.





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Your child will learn how to follow rules, basic writing, and math skills.

1st Grade
Longer school days and homework assignments fine tune what your child learned in kindergarten.
2nd Grade
Your child will learn complex sentences, addition and subtraction.
3rd Grade
Your child can expect nightly homework, and will learn how to multiply numbers and write paragraphs.
4th Grade
Long term projects, computers, and calculators are introduced.
5th Grade
Your child will increase his vocabulary, and learn fractions and decimals.

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Assistant Principal: Meghan Burgwyn


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