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Our Vision

L.L. Beazley is committed in establishing and safeguarding the right to a quality education for all. We are committed to meeting the individual needs of each child, thereby ensuring that each student is a successful learner.

Our Mission

The mission of L.L. Beazley Elementary School, in partnership with the community, is to provide a quality educational program in a safe environment, to assist each student in reaching his/her potential, and to prepare students to be responsible, productive citizens in a diverse and ever-changing society. This belief is guided by several principles which include the following:

We provide a quality education in a safe environment
We are committed to understanding and meeting the needs of our school community
We trust and respect each individual so that all may experience pride and joy in their work
We are committed to continuous improvement.

Our Beliefs

  • We believe that students and staff have a right to a safe learning environment.
  • We believe that cohesiveness among school, parents, businesses, organizations, and the community enhances quality education.
  • We believe that the schools and the community mutually benefit from the exchange of resources.
  • We believe that all students can learn and deserve a quality education that promotes high academic standards.
  • We believe that education is a sound investment in our future as we prepare each individual child to be a responsible member in the future workforce and in an everchanging society.
  • We believe that understanding and respect for diversity are essential to being a productive member of society.
  • As a school, we believe that we hold the responsibility to ensure that each individual child reaches his/her educational potential.



Current News:
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Your child will learn how to follow rules, basic writing, and math skills.

1st Grade
Longer school days and homework assignments fine tune what your child learned in kindergarten.
2nd Grade
Your child will learn complex sentences, addition and subtraction.
3rd Grade
Your child can expect nightly homework, and will learn how to multiply numbers and write paragraphs.
4th Grade
Long term projects, computers, and calculators are introduced.
5th Grade
Your child will increase his vocabulary, and learn fractions and decimals.

Principal: Robin Germanos
Assistant Principal: Priscilla Hicks


Office: 804-733-2745
Fax: 804-732-1627